Consumer Demand for Digital Content Speeds Marketer Conversions

Not everyone is consuming their content via digital platforms, but the latest release from Deloitte on this topic contains some impressive numbers. Consumers are turning to PCs, smart phones and tablets to access everything from books to movies. Marketers who don’t have at least some of their media mix allocated to these channels are missing key opportunities to connect with their clients.

Deloitte has been publishing its State of the Media Democracy report for 6 years now. In this study, the firm surveys 2,000 consumers between the ages of 14 and 75. And, analysts say that now, more than ever, “access to content is increasing American media consumption.” Here are the percentages of people engaged in typical  digital media activities. (The figures in parentheses are from 2009 and show the large increases that have taken place in digital media consumption during the past 2 years.)

  • Favorite movie delivery method is streaming through PC or TV: 14% (4%)
  • Prefer to download books, magazines, newspapers to digital device: 36% (27%)
  • Millennials  who prefer to read newspapers on smart phones: 11% (3%)

Analysts expect to see consumers continue to make smart phones their ‘all in one device’. And the numbers seem to bear that out. About 78% of  smart phone users enjoy text messaging, 46% use mobile online search, 37% are engaging the GPS feature for directions and 19% are banking online.

Phil Asmundson, vice chairman and U.S. media & telecommunications sector leader, Deloitte LLP,  says "Our data shows that while Americans may be less interested in physical content, their appetite for digital content continues to grow.”

Asmunson also believes that the 4G functionality of new smart phones will enable even more consumers to shift their behavior. These seismic changes in media consumption means marketers must find the best way to reach their target audiences online, sooner rather than later.

[Source: State of the Media Democracy. Deloitte​.com. 4 Jan. 2012. Web. 11 Jan. 2012] 
Kathy Crosett
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