Digital Audit Leads To $40,000 OTT Ad Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Anna Hochgesang, a senior account executive from Viamedia, has been in the sales media world for nearly a decade, and in that time has been a steady user of AdMall.

I’ve been using AdMall from the very beginning,” said Hochgesang.  “I love how AdMall is always updating reports and adding new features to stay up-​to-​date with the current media climate.”

Up-​to-​date reports in AdMall include the annual AudienceSCAN survey and the Digital Audit, which Hochgesang used when she approached a local auto insurance agency.

I utilized the Digital Audit in the first meeting to show a deeper understanding of their digital presence and how it relates to their customers and incorporated the "Potential Auto Insurance Switchers" AudienceSCAN profile into their proposal,” said Hochgesang. “[This showed] research to back up my recommendations, that their audience is 34% more likely to respond to a streaming ad, 45% more likely to respond to an outdoor ad, and 71% more likely to respond to an audio podcast.”

The “advertising response” section of the AudienceSCAN report that Hochgesang is referring to has proven to be so popular that AdMall now offers the feature as a dedicated prospecting tool.

Using those tools, Hochgesang was able to close a 100% digital sale with the local auto insurance agency that consisted of a four-​month OTT and digital out-​of-​home campaign for a total of $40,000.

According to Hochgesang, the auto insurance agency saw an increase in their sales revenue, market share, new clients, leads generated, and website traffic.

Hochgesang didn’t need much additional research to close her sale. She feels the tools she used in AdMall are a great resource for any sales rep looking to secure a win like she did.

AdMall gives great insights into what type of advertising might be most effective for a certain client and why,” said Hochgesang.