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Sep­tem­ber 20, 2019

Food Essentials for Power Outages

"If you won’t be able to leave your house for a few days or if the pow­er is out for longer than a cou­ple of hours, what to feed your fam­i­ly becomes a major con­cern. The food experts at Con­sumer Reports have some tips for weath­er­ing win­ter storms safe­ly and nutri­tious­ly."

Sep­tem­ber 16, 2019

More Consumers are Buying Their Car Accessories Online

"Online dol­lar sales of auto­mo­tive acces­sories — includ­ing appear­ance acces­sories, car­go man­age­ment, exte­ri­or acces­sories, inte­ri­or acces­sories, tow­ing & hitch, and tire & wheel acces­sories — grew by 26% in the 12 months end­ing April 2019, accord­ing to The NPD Group's Check­out E‑commerce Track­ing. Addi­tion­al­ly, 34% of online dol­lar vol­ume dur­ing the same time peri­od result­ed from sales with­in these six acces­so­ry cat­e­gories."

Sep­tem­ber 13, 2019

70% of Americans will Celebrate Halloween

"Last year, Hal­loween spend­ing reached $9 bil­lion, the sec­ond high­est Hal­loween spend­ing seen post-recession. Con­sumers are ready to cel­e­brate and shop to kick off the fes­tiv­i­ties. NRF and Prosper’s annu­al Hal­loween Spend­ing Sur­vey found that sev­en in 10 con­sumers planned to cel­e­brate in 2018, and they spent an aver­age of near­ly $90 per per­son. Cel­e­brants plan to pur­chase every­thing from dec­o­ra­tions to can­dy to cos­tumes (even for beloved pets)."

Sep­tem­ber 5, 2019

Adult Day Care Centers can Target Caregivers

"More than half of work­ing care­givers feel they have to com­pro­mise with­in their careers to care for aging par­ents, accord­ing to a new sur­vey by Home Instead. Inc., fran­chisor of the Home Instead Senior Care net­work. In addi­tion, 43% of work­ing care­givers feel their career growth has suf­fered as a result of the sac­ri­fices they've made to pro­vide care and sup­port."

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40% of demos have little to no buyer engagement. No conversation between the sales rep and the buyer.


Top sales performers ask between 11 and 14 questions per discovery call


Nearly half of SMBs say 'knows my company and line of business' is a key attribute for sales reps

Selling to SMBs, SalesFuel, 2019

72% of salespeople are unable to connect offerings to buyer needs/challenges


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Discovery provides the value to open doors and the leverage to close sales.

— C. Lee Smith, SalesFuel Founder and CEO