Don't Stop At the Sale: Tips For Continued Success

BY Jessica Helinski
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What got you into sales? For many, it’s the exciting thrill of pursuing, and winning, new business. But salespeople can be overly focused on a shiny new prospect, which can push their previously-​won customers to the wayside. When it comes to big-​ticket purchases, like cars, customers need to see the value of their investment. As Shelley Washburn writes for Ward’s Auto, “In the aftermath of a big purchase, customers want to feel confident about the value they’re getting. This means they still need service, support, information and more from the dealership.” 

Unfortunately, this is happening: 62% of consumers aren’t contacted after a big purchase. Make sure your customers don’t ever become part of that statistic. Doing so will not only boost their satisfaction with your dealership, but also make it more likely they return to you for a future vehicle purchase. Not sure how to engage in post-​sale contact? Washburn has a few suggestions, including: 

Send service reminders

Reminders work because not only are they a valid reason to reach out, but they also provide value to the customer. Plus, they encourage the customer to keep engaging with you via service. Washburn reports that, according to a maintenance and repair study by Cox Automotive, customers are 2.3 times more likely to visit a service department within 12 months if they are introduced to services at the time of sale. Boost your own visits by sending well-​timed, via whichever communication method they prefer. 

Ask for testimonials

After a sale, get ahold of the buyer and them to share their experience. “Show them you care about what they went through and you value their time and opinions,” Washburn writes. “By doing so, you’ll build trust and demonstrate transparency.” Create an ongoing dialogue and gain important insights that can help you adjust your sales process or strategy. Routinely ask for feedback about their buying experiences, as well as solicit suggestions. 

These are only two of Washburn’s suggestions, and her entire article makes a clear case for continuing relationships long after the buyer drives off in the new car. As she points out, “with a targeted and enhanced post-​purchase experience, dealers can make sure customer relationships last long after the sale-​and for many sales to come.”