Financial Planning Company Lured to Sale by AudienceSCAN Intel

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Finding the right audience who needs financial planning

April Nading, an account executive for WEHT, has been in the media sales game for over 20 years. For over half of that time, she has been an avid AdMall user. So, Nading knew that the sales tool would help her when she approached a local financial planning business who was looking to expand their business.

The [financial planning] group is very friendly,” said Nading. “I have used AdMall for at least ten years, if the station where I’m working has it available, and there’s always some piece of information that the client didn’t know until I presented it to them.”

Like most companies, the business was in search of the best possible audience to reach.

The [financial planning company] was wanting to target people who don’t have financial planners,” said Nading. “In particular, [they wanted to reach] divorced women who need help with financial planning.”

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN

With the needs of the financial planning company clearly established, it was up to Nading to figure out an ad campaign that would help them gain traction. Knowing AdMall like she does, she was able to turn to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Report. Specifically, in the marketing section of the report, Nading used the “advertising response” data.

The advertising response section of the AudienceSCAN profile shows an advertiser where their target audience is reacting to advertising. This helpful tool allows sales rep to show a prospect or client who might be spending money on print advertising how their target audience is taking action when they see digital or TV advertising. It’s a great resource to redirect an advertiser’s media spending focus.

I used statistics from AdMall to support what the [financial planning] client had told me about their industry, to reinforce the importance of broadcast television, and to back up the proposed schedule,” said Nading. “AdMall statistics reinforced their assumptions regarding the number of people lacking financial planning and offered good examples of where people were deficient in their planning. I also included AdMall information regarding the effects of COVID-​19 on their industry.” 

Result: A new, happy client

The goal of any sales rep, aside from closing the sale, is ensuring the new client is taken care of. Nading was no different when she came up with the best possible campaign for the financial planning business. They agreed to new thirty-​second TV commercials in news, including a news sponsorship.

The [financial planning client] made a four-​month $2,400/month commitment and are looking at renewing,” said Nading.

Nading also had advice for sales reps who may be unsure of how best to use AdMall when approaching a new client.

There is always some useful information in the AdMall reports that back up what you’re trying to sell,” said Nading. “At the very least, AdMall helps you look like you know what you’re talking about and have done your homework.”

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