From Mindful to Mindset, Part 2

BY Jeffrey Gitomer
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MINDSET is preceded by MINDFUL. Mindful, or self-​mindfulness, is the first, and most important step to your mindset. Positive outcomes start with MINDFULNESS, not MINDSET.

Here are the elements and actions needed for Mindful that set the stage and the tone for Mindset…

  • Mindful of your space to set your mind — comfort, quiet, distraction free, alone.
  • Comfortable clothing and climate.
  • Your present state of mind must be both positive and open. Receptive. Think yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Your ability to control yourself and emotions. Calm and relaxed.
  • Your peaked desire for achievement.
  • Your ability to capture and document thoughts immediately.

Where do ideas and new thoughts come from? Why do thoughts and ideas pop into your head?

They occur as a result of your mind processing your thoughts and experiences in a space conducive for them to happen.

They show up because your mind is clear of other clutter and distraction. Times when you’re not thinking or worrying or stressing about other issues (positive or negative).

That’s why these thoughts, ideas and answers “come to you” during distraction free times or mentally clear times that are completely stress free — in the shower, jogging or walking, early morning think time, while writing, while reading, while preparing, in a seminar, during a sermon in a place of worship, in an art gallery or a museum. They occur during conversations of deep thought with friends, kids, parents, spouses, clergy, during a session with your shrink. And one other place, in conversations where positive, productive thoughts are being transferred — brainstorm meeting, a mastermind group, or a lecture.

If you’re listening to a book or podcast and something pops into your head, PAUSE and CAPTURE. Ideas and answers are fleeting. The deeper the conversation — the deeper your thinking, the more ideas will occur. CAPTURE THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Then follow that new thought or idea until you believe you’ve exhausted it, but write down (or record) other new thoughts as they pop into your mind in a separate place or you will lose them, too.

You can have more new thoughts and ideas if you exercise this discipline:

Write down EVERYTHING that’s on your mind at the end of each day. 
To do’s, to call, to clarify, what you’ve been thinking about, problems, concerns - everything.

The more personally mindful you become, the deeper your achievement mindset will grow to personal power.

The power of MINDSET is exacerbated and enhanced if you practice personal mindfulness before you set your mind.

Now that you have a mind full of mindfulness, you can generate MINDSET.
You now know and understand that MINDSET is the second part of concentration and focus.

MINDSET is the OUTCOME of your preparedness, your attitude, your thoughts, your experience, and your ideas coupled with your intention, desire, and belief.

MINDSET is a mental state that you control, and that will let you go to the places you desire, achieve whatever your chief aim (AKA: goal) is, and lead you to whatever victory you put in your sites.

Being mindful about yourself, your surroundings and your situation 
will put you on the path to a powerful mindset and off-​the-​chart outcomes.

Outcomes you can bank.

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