Gerhard Gschwandtner: Key to Self-​Improvement is Changing Your Mindset

BY Courtney Huckabay
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"A human has 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of them are negative." This PowerPoint slide rang true for the attendees of the recent Leadership+Talent Development Summit in San Diego. It was almost as thought-​provoking as Gerhard Gschwandtner's address: The Mindset in the Age of Digital Transformation. Backed by research, the founder and CEO of Selling Power shared strategies for finding success and improvement.

Take some of his insight to heart in your professional development journey.

Gschwandtner told the audience that negative self-​talk causes poor sales performance. And as a result of negative thoughts, many salespeople don’t have the courage to fail. So, where do people get ideas that they CAN do things and accomplish goals? he asked. By overcoming adversity. "Disappointment becomes the cradle of accomplishment," he said. "Positive thinking is not enough."

You MUST change your mindset. His supporting slides said people with happy mindsets are more energetic and more accomplished. They even sell more – 38% more to be exact. But, how do you improve your mindset? It's not through introducing new concepts, but it is through opening yourself up to growth. "New ideas don’t change how your mindset operates," Gschwandtner said. "Build a different mindset from beliefs you already have. We need to look back and ask what are the self-​beliefs that are affecting my career? Usually it is self-​doubt. You need to accept a new belief that is self-​affirming and self-believing."

The speaker reminded the crowd that 80% of success is breaking through mental barriers. "Self-​doubt is a false belief that runs like malicious software," he said. You allow self doubts to sabotage your success and your potential. We LIE to ourselves. Eliminate it. You can unlearn it! Transform limiting beliefs to liberating beliefs. Then act on your new belief.

He shows a quote from Mary Kay Ash in his next slide: "Changing your heroes can change your life."

"Think about the people who are good role models for you," Gschwandtner suggested. "Then grow your inspired mindset. Listen to your inner voice your inner ideas and those are better than watching TV! Change your physiology, especially through mindfulness activities and practice. Keep a journal. Share your progress with a mentor. Expand your dreams and goals."

"Remember: YOU are the director and the actor," he said. "You can write you own script. You can rewrite the movie in your mind."

Now get started.