Help Clients Reach Peak Performance in the CTV Advertising Market

BY Rachel Cagle
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More brands are entering the CTV advertising market, but they don’t know how to make the most of their ad dollars. Others are unsure that CTV ads will genuinely be worth their while. Here’s how you can help both types of clients.

Help Clients Reach Peak Performance in the CTV Advertising Market

CTV Gets Results

The CTV advertising market began taking off during the pandemic, but is really hitting its stride this year. According to Digiday, 76% of marketers say that CTV plays a significant role in their advertising mix. Why? These ads:

  • Increase brand awareness: 55% of marketers agree
  • Improve ad relevance: 40%
  • Offer precise audience targeting: 39%
  • Are an engaging creative format: 37%
  • Increase brand engagement, both digital and in-​store: 35%
  • Achieve higher conversion rates: 35%
  • Create more repeat customers: 29%

So, CTV ads help get your client’s message in front of the right people in a way that engages them and encourages them to take action. And these consumers will likely continue to take action, making purchases from your client again and again. If one of your client’s goals is to gain loyal repeat customers (and it should be), CTV ads are a solid choice.

What Types of CTV Ads Should Your Client Use?

The CTV advertising market is ripe with opportunity for your client as long as they’re using the proper ad types. Digiday’s research shows that these are the most popular CTV ad types among marketers:

  • 15- and/​or 30-​second TV spots: 49% of marketers include these ads in their CTV strategy
  • Ad creative that allows viewer interaction: 42%
  • Ads with shoppable QR codes: 34%
  • Ad selectors that allow viewer choice: 27%
  • Ads with mobile integrations: 20%
  • Carousels featuring product/​image/​video galleries: 20%

Ol’ reliable video ads are in the lead, but there are a lot of different types of specialized ads in that mix that your client could probably use some professional help developing. If your agency specializes or has experience with the other CTV ad types on the list, set up a meeting with your client to discuss untapped ads with potential.

Challenges Your Client Needs Help Overcoming

No ad type is without its challenges. To get the most out of the CTV advertising market, your client could use your help with:

  • Brand safety: 40% of marketers are currently facing this challenge
  • Reaching relevant audiences: 40%
  • Cost: 33%
  • Inconsistent measurement: 31%
  • Ad fraud: 31%
  • Inventory fragmentation: 26%
    • Managing deals with multiple platforms
    • Producing more engaging CTV ad formats

Your aid in any of these challenges could help increase your client’s ROI and ease any concerns they have around CTV ads.

When it comes to the challenge of reaching relevant audiences, you should probably confirm your client’s knowledge of that audience’s demographics, purchase intentions, marketing preferences, etc. You can find all that information and more on the target audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. With that information at your disposal, you can confirm:

  • That the audience responds well to CTV ads based on their interactions with them within the past year
  • Which demographics your client should be targeting and representing in their ads
  • Which products or services to feature in your client’s ads
  • And much more

Your Client Needs Help With CTV

If your client hasn’t broken into the CTV advertising market, it’s likely that they would be willing to with your help. According to Digiday, two of the major roadblocks preventing marketers from using CTV ads are a lack of staffing and the lack of necessary skill sets. You and your agency have the staff, the know-​how, and are prepared to face all the challenges they’ll meet along the way. It won’t be difficult to help them see all that entering the CTV advertising market can do for them.

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