Home Audio Retailers to Promote Soundbars

BY Rachel Cagle
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"You can buy a TV with an excellent rating for sound quality, but you may have to pay more and perhaps buy a larger TV than you really want. An easy fix is to add a sound bar to the TV of your choice, says Consumer Reports."

"Most sound bars have several speakers in a thin enclosure that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf above or below the TV. Pedestal-​style sound bases can support the set."

"Sound bars are often sold with a wireless subwoofer to help with bass, and a few have rear speakers for surround sound. Many have Bluetooth, letting you stream music from a phone. And some advanced models offer access to streaming video and music services."

"Here are a few tips to consider when you're shopping:

• Make sure you can return or exchange the sound bar. Speakers may sound very different in your home than they do during an in-​store demo.

• Determine how many channels of sound you want. To simply enhance your TV sound, 2.1 channels (two front channels and a separate subwoofer) will do nicely. But if you want true surround sound, choose a 5.1‑channel system with rear speakers.

• Newer immersive surround-​sound technologies can give movies with specially encoded soundtracks a more dramatic, lifelike effect. This is usually accomplished by using speakers that include upfiring drivers to add a sense of height to the sound."

Stereo/​Home Audio Shoppers spend a lot of time watching TV: a minimum of three hours per day for 67.1%, to be exact, according to AudienceSCAN. They may enjoy better sound quality, but they're 10% more likely than others to want to reduce debt or increase savings within the next year. Promotions for sound bars would be welcomed by these shoppers. Last year, they took action after either receiving an ad via text or seeing an advertisement on their mobile smartphone apps (69.1%), seeing a TV commercial (69.1%), receiving direct mail ads (65.8%) and receiving email ads (64.5%). Their favorite types of emails to receive from businesses are emails containing coupons and discount codes or limited-​time offers and sales.

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