How to be Effective and Credible in Selling Business Consulting Services

BY Jessica Helinski
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Over 50% of business consultants say they depend on referrals for most of their new clients. But, high earners report that only about 20% to 40% of their work is generated by referrals. What do the top earners do differently? How else are they attracting clientele?

Techniques to Drive your Business Consulting Sales

In an article for Constant Contact, Lauren Haas shares her advice for attracting and engaging business consulting clients. She admits taking new approaches can seem daunting. But, “there are some proven techniques you can use to create a well-​rounded strategy and build your client base.”

First, before undertaking any new technique, she points out that you must know your target market. If you haven’t defined your ideal customer profile, your efforts may be a waste of time. 

As SalesFuel explains, “You must have an ideal customer profile (ICP) to target your messages to in order to make that first connection. Without knowing who your solution will benefit, you won’t be able to tailor a message that will resonate and have impact.”

And you must be specific. The more detailed picture you create of your target customer, the higher the success rate of engagement. Buyers don’t want to waste their time with a seller who can’t help them. 

Research supports this. SalesFuel’s 2023 Voice of the B2B Buyer study found that B2B buyers want to work with sellers who have a solution relevant to their needs. Specifically, 54% say a top attribute of a seller is providing relevant insight and ideas to help their business. 

If you haven’t already done so, take time to craft a specific target market for your business consulting services. Here’s some guidance to get started

Use Social Media to Boost Credibility and Trustworthiness

No longer is social media just for personal use. There’s major opportunity to use these networks to attract new business while also demonstrating credibility

Top brands have introduced social selling into their sales processes,” writes Henrietta Akpata for Forbes. “This buyer-​centric model is a way for sellers to connect, engage, and nurture authentic relationships with their target audience on the social media channels their customers prefer.”

SalesFuel’s research revealed nearly half of B2B buyers look at social media when researching a supplier, product or service online. 

But, the key to successful social selling is to offer value that also positions you as a credible expert. 

Thought needs to go into whatever you post to ensure that what you’re sharing is relevant to your ideal customers. And they’ll start looking to you as an expert resource for business consulting.

Not sure what to share? Haas has some suggestions. “Drop helpful hints, share useful articles from your blog and other sources, and ask questions that invite conversation,” she advises. “You will not only reach your target audience, but also slowly build yourself as a credible source in your industry.”

If you’re new to using social media to engage with business consulting prospects, take a look at these beginner tips. And as SalesFuel’s Kathy Crosett suggests, “If you’re just learning about social selling, lurk for a while. Consider the tone of comments that seem successful. Educate yourself on the topics that people appear to be most passionate about.”

Get Started

If this all sounds like a lot, take note that these techniques are not difficult to get started and implement. Starting off with this guidance, you have what you need to begin and to be successful and grow in your business consulting efforts. The more time you put into these tactics that high-​earning sellers practice, the closer you’ll be to joining their ranks.

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