How to Craft the Best Local Paid Search Strategy

BY Rachel Cagle
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COVID-​19 has shrunk both our social and shopping bubbles significantly. Consumers don’t want to travel far to make purchases (or at all, if they can help it). While this turn of events makes the business situation challenging for your clients, they can improve their outcome using local paid search.

Individuals want a tailored search view with results that are relevant to where they are at that very moment,” says a Search Engine Land article by Adthena. “To win those conversions, your location-​specific ads must be at the top of the search engine results page; it’s a competitive imperative.”

Local Paid Search Marketing Tips

Here are a few tips from Adthena to make that happen for your clients.

Local Search Strategy

First and foremost, your client's strategy must be optimized for mobile device searches. According to Adthena, "mobile devices alone will influence more than $1.4 trillion in local sales this year." 

Adthena also points out that, while it’s crucial for your client to break into it as soon as possible, you shouldn't rush into it. Like anything else, local paid search management needs to be planned out. If you don’t take the time to strategize and your client’s ROI is low or nonexistent, that won’t bode well for the future of your business relationship. 

Take the time to create a clear checklist of tentpole items that will build the ideal strategy for you,” says Adthena. “By identifying items such as current benchmarks, target search terms, ideal partners, and other foundational elements ahead of time, advertisers and marketers can build a much more effective strategy with far fewer gaps right from the outset.”

Tailoring Local Ads

Your client’s current and future paid search advertising can also be a part of their search strategy. According to Adthena, “72% of desktop or tablet users and 67% of smartphone users want ads customized to their location. Additionally, 82% of smartphone users search for businesses near them; 90% click on the first set of results they see.” Your client’s ads should be tailored to include location-​based keywords. That way, they’ll be more relevant to your client’s target customers and easier to find during searches.

When it comes to creating new ads as part of your client’s local paid search tools and strategy, keep the usefulness of your client’s ads in mind. Generic ads are ones that consumers ignore. Additionally, online ads that are too generic run the risk of not being seen at all. Adthena recommends researching the top keywords your client’s target audience will be searching for. 

It includes descriptive words about your client’s primary products or services. Remember that more consumers are formulating their searches as questions. Think about what types of questions your client’s target audience may be asking that could result in your client's product or service showing up as a paid search answer. Use keywords from those questions in the ad copy.

Advertising Effectiveness

Do your clients need help deciding which areas of their local paid search and digital ad strategy need some work? Run a Digital Audit, available on AdMall by SalesFuel, to get the info on where your client is succeeding in digital marketing and what areas need improvement.