How Your Client’s Social Content Can Sway the Perfect Audience

BY Rachel Cagle
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X (formerly Twitter) used to be one of the best social media platforms for reaching all kinds of audiences. Now, there are only two demographics that make up the platform’s biggest supporters. Who are they? What platforms should you be using instead to reach other audiences with social content? Here’s what you need to know.

How Your Client’s Social Content Can Sway the Perfect Audience


The State of X

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and rebranding it to X this past summer stirred up a lot of controversy and confusion. As a result, the platform’s ad revenue is down 60%, according to a report by MediaVillage. Why?

MediaVillage says that, on average, 15% of marketers tend to feel that various social media platforms don’t perform well for ads or could use some work. Right now, 47% of marketers feel that way about X because of:

  • Concerns over brand safety: 59% of marketers are concerned about this
  • Lack of innovative/​creative opportunities: 55%
  • Lack of quality sales teams and personal relationships: 50%

However, the dramatic reduction in social content on X could be an opportunity for your client. After all, there’s no way X won’t fix its errors over time. Your client could get ahead of the competition by continuing to advertise on X. They just need to target the audiences that are still engaged on the platform.

X’s Key Demographics

Men: According to a recent AdAge article, men are far more likely than women to have had a Twitter account that they use more now that the platform has become X. Overall, more men than women:

  • Like the new branding: 28% vs. 17%
  • Believe the social content on X to be more factual than not: 37% vs. 24%
  • Are influenced by ads on X: 46% vs. 37%

So, if you want your client’s social content on X to succeed, it should be targeting men more often than women.

Millennials: Twitter was one of the first social media platforms millennials became loyal to and that shows no signs of changing. AdAge reports that “millennials are the only generation whose self-​reported Twitter usage increased after the rebrand.” They’re also the only generation that actually likes the platform’s rebrand and who say their time on X is well spent.

When it comes to being swayed by ads on X, millennials are also the top generation. Every other generation says that they’re not very influenced by X’s social content.

In order to succeed with your client’s X advertising attempts, their content should target millennial men.

What If My Client’s Target Audience Isn’t Millennial Men?

Don’t worry, there are still plenty of social media platforms to choose from. According to a previous SalesFuel blog post based on data from GWI, here are the platforms your client should post on based on age demographics:

  • Pinterest: All age demographics are fairly evenly represented on Pinterest, but Gen Zers and millennials make up slightly more of this social group
  • Reddit: The younger generations (Gen Z and millennials) account for most Reddit users. Baby boomers are hardly on Reddit, while Gen Xers are halfway between millennials and boomers in terms of usage
  • TikTok: User demographics steadily decrease in number of users as they age. Gen Z uses TikTok the most, followed by millennials, then Gen Xers, then boomers. (Fun Fact: More baby boomers use TikTok than they do Snapchat or Reddit)
  • Snapchat: User demographics on this site is almost identical to TikTok, but with slightly fewer members of Gen X and baby boomers
  • Instagram: Gen Z and millennials rule the roost here too, but are followed closely by Gen Xers with baby boomers bringing up the rear (but it’s baby boomers’ second favorite social platform)”

If you want to know which platforms your client’s target audience is using specifically, take a look at their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. By targeting the right audiences on the right platforms, your client’s social content will have a better chance of driving sales.

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