How to Keep Making Money From Customers

BY Jessica Helinski
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Once you score a new contract, there’s still major opportunity to grow sales even more from the new customer. As easy as it may be to consider your job done once a sale is made, you are missing out on even more revenue if you don’t pursue additional dollars. While it may seem easier said than done, Piyush Patel shares 16 ways salespeople can continue selling to existing clients (be it upselling, continued business or word-​of-​mouth). Below, are just a few of the suggested strategies:

  • Listen to your customers. While this should already be part of your customer service, Patel reminds salespeople that customers and clients want to feel heard and appreciated. By listening to comments, complaints, praises (anything!), you are showing clients that you value them and their opinions–AND it gives you opportunities to learn about any new needs that may arise.
  • Stay in touch. It’s hard to listen (see above strategy) if you don’t even bother to keep in contact once a contract is signed. Keep in contact consistently throughout the year to deepen your relationship and keep abreast of their satisfaction with the product or services, as well as any company changes, etc.
  • Reward. Consider offering a trial of an upgraded product or service, which will not only reward customers for loyalty but also introduce them to the next level of product or service–and hopefully, get them interested in purchasing long-term.
  • Events. Educational seminars, demos and workshops are also ways to introduce current customers to other products and services, with the additional benefit of socializing and having face-​to-​face interaction (and persuasion!).
  • Make buying–and paying–easy. The easier the buying and paying process, the better the chances of a customer wanting to continue buying and paying. Processes like auto-​billing, automatic orders, refills, and reminders boost ease and convenience for clients and can encourage them to do even more business with you.

As Patel points out, there are so many ways to continue earning new revenue from current clients–you just have to be savvy about how to do it. Consider how you can integrate the 16 points into your own strategy, and as Patel believes, it all begins with staying “connected with the customer!”