Keep Your Progress Train Chugging Right Along

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Progress. We say, "I'm making progress," a lot, don't we? Nobody wants to stop making progress, but sometimes there are roadblocks or speed bumps. To keep the progression train rolling at work, at life, during a project, or toward a goal, Mitchell Harper says it take momentum. In his blog post for Medium, he writes about ways to build, keep and pick up momentum every day so you don't regress.

So think about an aspect of your professional development in which you are struggling. Do you want to get promoted by the end of 2017? Do you want to learn a new skill? Take your progress temperature. Check in with your level of momentum. You waning? Lagging? Try doing what Harper does:
Start every day by asking yourself:

  • What am I doing today to make progress on each of my goals?
  • How can I get/​keep forward momentum on that?
  • How can I track that momentum?

Take a minute right now to answer those three questions. Be quite candid with yourself. The more specifically you answer each question, the better. You could set reminders in your calendar. You could schedule a weekly one-​on-​one with a mentor. You could check in with your supervisor and literally ask about your progress on that promotion.

"By doing this every day for the goals that are important to me, I almost guarantee I have constant forward momentum," Harper writes. "The key with forward momentum is to be short [sighted]. Plan day-​by-​day. Don’t think about next month, quarter or year. Aim to string multiple days of forward momentum together. That soon becomes months and years."

You realize, I'm sure, that the key to this forward momentum strategy is doing it every day. It takes commitment. But everything important to you does – doesn't it?