Manage Smarter 16 — Jennifer Gluckow: Tips for Young and First-​time Managers

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Jennifer Gluckow is an author and founder of Sales in a New York Minute as well as host of a YouTube Channel of the same name.

Jennifer rapidly rose through the ranks of a leading Fortune 500 company as a superstar Sales Representative, National Sales Manager, and Executive Director of Sales Operations. At 29, Jennifer became Chief Operating Officer of a test preparation and admissions counseling company.

This journey has afforded her broad expertise in training and coaching sales teams and business owners on how to increase their sales and make more profit.


In this episode, Audrey, Lee, and Jennifer discuss:

  • Overcoming the new management humps
  • Admitting failures
  • How age plays a role in the workplace
  • Earning respect


Key Takeaways

  • Oftentimes, the best sales person becomes the manager
  • It's so important to reset your mindset after a sale, whether you win or lose, and as a manager, it's critical to help your people reset their mindset
  • You've got to earn respect through your words and actions
  • As managers, it's critical that you're meeting other people that are doing similar things and are a bit more advanced than you, so you can keep learning


"I learned just as much, if not more, from the bad bosses as I did from the great bosses. So I have both of them to thank." — Jennifer Gluckow


Join hosts Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith as they dive into the aspects and concepts of good business management. From debunking sales myths to learning how to manage with and without measurements, you'll learn something new with every episode and will be able to implement positive change far beyond sales.


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