Manage Smarter 198 — Carol Kaemmerer: Updating Your LinkedIn Profile to Boost Credibility

LinkedIn Branding Expert Carol Kaemmerer on the Manage Smarter show for sales managers from SalesFuel

Carol Kaemmerer took what seemed like shockingly bad news, and turned it into an amazing opportunity. After a surprise downsizing in the Fortune 500 company she served as a consultant, Carol found that her 20 years of marketing communications experience there provided a perfect set up for helping professionals build their online brand. LinkedIn, she recognized, is an integral part of that brand-​building. But many brilliant leaders, are unable to articulate their brand effectively on LinkedIn, and that was a weak link in their online reputation.

Since 2011, Carol has focused her communications expertise on helping C‑suite executives and senior leaders use LinkedIn powerfully, creating positioning and messaging that reflects their business passion with authenticity. 

Her book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive, was originally published in 2016; the book was revised and published in its Second Edition in January 2021. Carol is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Certified Virtual Presenter, and Advisor to the C‑Suite Network.

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In this podcast for managers and C‑Suite leaders, Audrey, Lee and Carol discuss how to build sales, credibility and effective leadership on LinkedIn including: 

  • Most common mistakes most leaders make on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn etiquette mistakes and best practices
  • Common settings mistakes that can damage your LinkedIn credibility
  • Behavioral checklist for positive changes to your LinkedIn profile

"With the right LinkedIn text, the seeds of know, like and trust can be sprouting already, before that first on-​screen or in-​person meeting."

Carol Kaemmererer

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