Manage Smarter 56: Managing Calmer Under Pressure

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Tina Greenbaum is a High-Performance Specialist, holistic psychotherapist, author, speaker and workshop leader. She is the creator of the program Mastery Under Pressure, an executive coaching program that teaches Olympic-level mindset skills for peak performance in high-stakes and high-stress environments. She is also part of the C‑Suite Network as a network advisor. 

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Tina discuss:

  • How to be aware of stress points in the moment without judgement
  • Become a calmer manager to boost team performance
  • Questions to ask about goal setting vs. stress levels
  • Dealing with fear and negative self-talk

"Where is this stress coming from? Am I putting it on myself? Or is it coming from the outside, from somewhere else, my manager, my boss….someone else who is expecting things of me?"

- Tina Greenbaum

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