The Value of Market Intelligence Tools

the value of market intelligence tools 2022

Provide Even More Value to Clients with Market Intelligence Tools

As you know, deals are done over the course of many meetings. What plan do you have to lead your buyers to a successful close? Why not use market intelligence tools and your CRM to support your case during your next sales effort? Market intelligence tools are an efficient, optimal way to find out more about your clients and their customers, which furthers your relationship and boosts credibility.

Structure Your Sales Pitches

Constructing an agenda that promises value during every sales meeting is important. Your buyers expect to see a well-​composed proposal customized to the needs you identified during your discovery meetings. Simple data visualization from the presentation feature in AdMall can assist in showing them what they need to know.

Your presentation should address the issues you uncovered during discovery. These issues may include:

  • Which perks of the loyalty program are the most popular
  • Factors that distinguish them from their competition
  • Omnichannel marketing proposal to generate a high ROI

This information should revolve around resolving concerns or achieving goals your client mentioned. Prospects will see more value in someone who not only solves their problems, but provides additional opportunity.

Reference Market Intelligence Tools

With market intelligence tools like AdMall with Digital Audits and AudienceSCAN reports, you can easily prepare your the next meeting. The Digital Audits show your prospects how well their ads are doing and what the competition is up to. Check out this blog post for more tips on Digital Audits and digital advertising. In addition, AdMall's Local Account Reports will bring you and your prospects up to date on industry trends. And AudienceSCAN profiles reveal important details about what their prospect's target audiences are buying and what they are doing in their free time. 

Ad Content

Media sales goes beyond simply selling a prospect on an ad format. Prospects will appreciate your insights regarding which types of ads resonate best with their target audience. AdMall's AudienceSCAN profiles provide research regarding daily search activities and which ad format drove the audience to take action. 

Prospects will also want to hear from you regarding ad content. Little details like using specific words or phrases may or may not work for the target audience. Look at AudienceSCAN's purchase motivators to develop the right advertising language to appeal to targeted consumers. Consider bridal shop advertising. If you look to AudienceSCAN's purchase motivators for bridal shop customers, you would see that they prioritize buying things that make them feel sexy and youthful. Most brides are not looking for rigorously tested, scientific gowns. Encourage your clients to design ads that appeal to the audience aspirations. A recent Journal of Consumer Research study discussed in a Wall Street Journal article analyzed how consumers respond to ad content. In that study, researchers tested consumer responses to cooking marketing. The results showed that far more consumers purchased cookies that were described as delicious instead of being promoted as healthy. 

Market Intelligence Tools and Sales 

Also use these reports to continue building stewardship with clients by brushing up on what their target audience is doing around large fiscal moments of the year. Meeting with a prospect is important, but remember that your ultimate goal to close a deal and then to continue working with them in the future. 

In conclusion, market intelligence tools such as AdMall reveal what consumers aspire to and the ad formats they respond to. This is the information your prospects needs in order to increase their revenue. 

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Kyla Snodgrass

Kyla Snodgrass

Kyla Snodgrass is an industry trends analyst at SalesFuel. She is responsible for local account research and reports. Kyla is a Miami University alumna holding a Bachelor of Arts degree with co-​majors in strategic communication and fashion design.