Mobile Marketers to Reach Shoppers with More Coupons

Consumers are using their mobile devices to shop. These days, nearly 90% of consumers own either a feature mobile phone, a smartphone or a tablet which amounts to 216 million active devices. With so many consumers reachable in the mobile market, it’s no surprise that more advertisers are targeting shoppers on the run.

Most research shops have published studies on the mobile commerce topic and this week it was the Consumer Electronics Association's turn. The CEA says that 37% of consumers are ‘engaged in some form of mobile commerce’. The organization also anticipates that its industry revenues will exceed $200 billion in revenue this year. Many marketers would like to tap into these sales, including those that come from mobile devices.

In the "Mobile Commerce — Reinventing the Way Consumers Shop" report, CEA analysts find that 35% of digital revenues are coming from mobile devices. Top categories for mobile shopping range from books and music to apparel to CE products. The CEA is most interested in the CE category and finds that 32% of today’s mobile shoppers have already purchased at lease one CE product through the mobile channel.

This year, these tech savvy shoppers will spend an average of $575 each in the mobile channel. These shoppers will also be looking for coupons which serve as an extra incentive to click the buy button.

Despite the encouraging news from this report, about 35% of mobile consumers have serious concerns about the channel. And nearly half just don’t like to shop via mobile devices. Jessica Boothe, strategic research manager, CEA, says ”New and advancing technologies should continue to be explored and developed in an effort to provide consumers with the best and most secure mobile commerce experience possible." Progress on this front will allow marketers to profitably increase their advertising and sales strategies on mobile platforms.

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Kathy Crosett
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