Music Lessons can Also Benefit Students in Other Classes

BY Rachel Cagle
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"When the dust settles on those first chaotic weeks of getting kids back to school, parents turn their attention to a bigger challenge: how to help their child make the most of this academic year and the years to come." 

"A study by Guitar Center explores the effects of supplemental music lessons on the development of children ages 7 to 17 — effects that could be the key to their ongoing success. The study finds that students participating in supplemental music lessons enjoy a variety of positive effects and healthy habits, including self-​imposed limitation of screen time; increased problem-​solving skills, time management and prioritization; increased self-​awareness and social skills, and more."

"'A growing number of parents, researchers and technology advocates acknowledge that limiting screen time in favor of other pursuits such as music aids in the healthy development of children,' stated Donny Gruendler, Guitar Center Vice President of Education. 'In this study, we found that students in outside of school supplemental music lessons are far more likely to balance their own screen time rather than doing it simply because they are made to do so by a parent or caregiver. That is, regularly scheduled music lessons can help build healthy after-​school habits and time-​management skills that students may otherwise forgo in favor of other leisure pursuits. Altogether, such habits result is a number of additional beneficial life skills and reinforces what we've known for some time: studying and playing music has benefits far beyond the mere learning of playing a musical instrument, and its ripple effects result in happier, healthier, more balanced children.'"

"Additionally, after just a year of taking private music lessons, the study found that for students ages 7–17, those lessons:

  • Encourage patience and resiliency in problem solving: Eighty-​five percent of parents perceive that their child has a greater ability to keep working until they finish a task, even when they think that the task is difficult.
  • Teach time management: 68% of parents perceive that their child improves their ability to finish tasks on time, and that their child has a greater ability to use a tool, such as a planner or calendar, to keep track of what they need to accomplish.
  • Build self-​awareness: 83% of parents perceive that their child has a greater ability to welcome feedback on their work for the purpose of improving.
  • Build self-​motivation: 60% of parents perceive that their child has a greater ability to self-​monitor and limit their screen-​time use because they know it is good for them, as opposed to the 42% of parents who perceive that their children are limiting their screen-​time use due to pressure from others.
  • Instill prioritization skills: 71% of parents perceive that their child has a greater ability to self-​monitor their screen-​time because they know it gives them more time to do things that are important to them."

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