AA-ISP Panel Discussion on Hiring Salespeople

So, You're Hiring Again? AA-​ISP Panel Discussion

Just when we thought the rapid growth of inside sales would slow down, we are once again faced with the ongoing challenge of how to find and hire competent sellers. Whether it is to fill a growing SDR/​BDR team, AM’s, AE’s or Customer Success, it’s never been harder to find just the right talent.

This all-​star panel shares their own ideas, and tips on how to address one of our profession’s toughest challenges, in this 30-​minute session.

  • Jon Richbourg, Leader Virtual Sales, Cisco
  • C. Lee Smith, CEO, SalesFuel
  • Carole Mahoney, Founder, Unbound Growth
  • Heidi Solomon-​Orlick, Founder and CEO, GirlzWhoSell LLC
  • Ben Simms, Vice President — Commercial Client Services, MarketSource

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