TikTok for B2B Sales? Why Sellers Can't Miss This Social Selling Opportunity

BY Jessica Helinski
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You’ve likely heard of TikTok. You might even use it personally, joining over 1.5 billion others worldwide who are on the app. But have you ever considered using TikTok for B2B sales? Sellers have slowly been embracing social selling, and buyers are interested in engaging with them via social networks. But, TikTok still isn’t a widely used sales tool: Sales Hacker reports only about 15% of sellers use it, representing a largely untapped opportunity. Additionally, David Morneau reports, “TikTok users are 1.7x more likely to buy the products they have discovered on this app.”

Why TikTok for B2B sales makes sense

Morneau believes that sales professionals shouldn't be afraid to implement TikTok into their strategies. He shares various benefits to doing so. One of the primary benefits is that it allows sellers to connect with buyers without being pushy or aggressive. Posting content to TikTok is a non-​aggressive way to engage and educate in a fun and creative way.  And it's a platform where buyers are present and ready to learn. "Content is key for convincing B2B buyers, who go through an average of 13 content pieces before picking their partners," he explains. "And 84% of TikTok users tap into the platform to learn something new."

SalesFuel’s research also reveals the impact of social media on sales: Nearly 70% of buyers say they’ve taken action on behalf of their company in the past year after watching a social video.

Be entertaining and educate (don't "sell")

Consider posting content that is entertaining, as well as informative, such as:

  • Tips 
  • Hacks 
  • Advice 
  • In-​depth information
  • Demos

These are just a few ways to make your video content valuable while not coming across as sales‑y. This is important because, again, while buyers are eager to learn about new products and services, they don't necessarily want to feel like they're being sold to. Delivering content that teaches while entertaining does the following:

  • establishes your expertise
  • builds your sales credibility
  • boosts awareness of your offering
  • sets you apart from your competitors
  • helps build rapport

But remember, keep the tone of your videos fun rather than super serious. Do this by avoiding jargon, hard sells, and asking for something in return when using TikTok for B2B sales. 

"The point here would be to position your company as the expert to draw in your customers," he explains. "Pushing customers towards your products can backfire if you haven’t built that strong relationship first."

Nurture relationships and support current clients

TikTok isn’t just for generating new sales; savvy sellers can also use it to engage with their clients, past and present. Invite them to appear in videos, offering testimonials and helping generate social proof. You can also have them show your solution in action or explain how you specifically helped them tackle a challenge or meet a goal. 

Sellers can even use TikTok to keep clients up to date with news, rollouts, and other announcements. “You can go on TikTok yourself, as a sales representative, and film yourself announcing the updates,” Morneau advises. “This approach is raw and genuine. Therefore, it’s more convincing because it doesn’t look like a conventional ad.”

Don’t be afraid to use TikTok for B2B sales. Major opportunity exists if you know how to thoughtfully include it in your strategy. And if you’re new to making videos, or feel like you need some guidance, check out SalesFuel’s advice on crafting effective and engaging video content.

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