Used Car Shoppers Want Clean, Sanitary Vehicles

BY Rachel Cagle
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Car sanitation is a service that is imperative to the automotive industry due to the money being lost to persistent, unwanted smells, says Expertly Sanitized.

With the increasing concern from coronavirus, since a large portion of used car inventory were once rental vehicles, there is a new reason for dealerships to sanitize every used car.

The Odor Doctors estimate that 30% of 47 million used cars sold annually in the U.S. were once rental vehicles. Today's global interconnected economy relies on the use of local rental vehicles. Each of these cars is used by many passengers and often, at the end of its 3‑year life as a rental vehicle, is sold as a pre-​owned certified vehicle by franchise and independent dealers. Sanitizing used cars is the dealer's responsibility, and now there is an easy solution.

In the age of Covid-​19, the novel coronavirus, it is more important than ever that used cars be sanitized prior to purchasing. An even more prudent used car buyer may prefer to only visit lots where they know the dealer has gone the extra mile to ensure that the car they buy has been completely sanitized.

First-​Time Car Buyers have many concerns about choosing a vehicle. Let them know that sanitation won't be one of them. These consumers listen to the radio at home, at work and in the car, according to AudienceSCAN.

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