Veteran AE Closes $400,000 HVAC Sale Using AdMall

BY Adam Ambro
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Heidi Lowe, a Bonneville International Media sales rep, has over 20 years of experience that served her well when she approached a local HVAC dealer looking to achieve their simple goal of increasing their revenue.

[This was a] family owned and operated business,” said Lowe. “A third generation HVAC owner, who is only 40 years old, and practices kindness to customers they serve.”

The business has been a little slow for the past five months and they have a goal to increase revenue by $4 million. They see similar HVAC clients killing out there, and they want the same. They were working with a marketing company handling some campaigns but identified that [the other company] was not equipped to take them to the next level.”

In order to take them to that next level, Lowe turned to AdMall, which she has been using for only two or three years.

I used AdMall Pro to provide a digital audit on their current digital campaign, making me more informed and intelligent when making recommendations. I [also] used intelligence research on target consumers, peak sales months, and how to best engage with consumers. I also looked into tips and challenges for the category and was able to see what co-​op opportunities were available. The research, and knowledge, gave me a leg up [on my competition].”

Trusting Lowe’s recommendations, the HVAC company bought in with a huge campaign.

Along with radio, their campaign included CTV/​OTT, PMAX, SEO, social media, and business reputation  [management],” said Lowe. “We are doing all the creative and even creating a jingle to provide consistency across platforms.”

In the end, Lowe closed the largest single Sell Smarter! Award campaign ever, as the HVAC company signed an annual contract for over $400,000.