Veteran AE Closes Quick, and Focused, Dermatologist Radio Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Andrea Coffee-​Shapiro, a 25-​year sales rep from Bonneville International, understands that a good advertising campaign can be bolstered when combined with a great framing device. That’s why AdMall was so pivotal to her when closing a campaign with a new dermatologist client.

The [company] is a long-​standing dermatology center,” said Coffee-​Shapiro. ”I used to do research studies with them, and now they just focus on dermatological care, and very few studies.”

While the company as a whole wasn’t facing too many market challegnes, they had a singular focus of filling the schedule of a doctor from the practice. This was where AdMall’s event/​marketing reports came into play.

After reviewing the monthly opportunities, I learned that May was Skin Cancer Awareness Month,” said Coffee-​Shapiro. “I put together a broadcast radio campaign and owned and operated digital campaign that started reaching out to new [potential clients for the dermatologists].”

AdMall provided me the awareness of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and ways [the dermatologist company] could market themselves outside of traditional marketing,” said Coffee-​Shapiro. “The campaign is a month long campaign utilizing endorsements, recorded endorsements, digital ads and e‑blasts with tips on skin cancer awareness and tips to protect against it.”

The campaign was a short, one-​month $5,600 sale, but it shows the ease in which AdMall’s event intelligence reports can help a rep fill their book of business with quick, focused messaging. And as Coffee-​Shapiro put it, AdMall is a great resource for these kinds of campaigns.

It’s a great source for information, ideas, leads, and one stop-​shopping [for research],” said Coffee-Shapiro.