What are the Most Effective Mobile Ad Formats?

BY Rachel Cagle
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An average of 22.3% of companies’ digital advertising budget is put toward mobile in-​app ads, according to a study by PubMatic. Additionally, another 22.2% is allocated toward mobile web ads. But do either of those statistics come as a surprise to you? With how glued to our hands our mobile devices seem to be, it only makes sense that businesses should be allocating a significant amount of their digital funds to mobile advertising.

What types of in-​app ads are businesses buying?

According to PubMatic, when it comes to direct in-​app advertising, 68% of media professionals always are sure to add programmatic direct (private marketplaces, programmatic guaranteed) to place their ad buys. Defined by State of Digital, programmatic marketing is the process of using software to automate the placement of media during the times of day and the publishers you want them shown on, as well as the frequency with which they appear. The in-​app ad formats advertisers put their money toward include:

  • Social media (26%)
  • Video (26%)
  • Display (25%)
  • Native (23%)

Programmatic buying for video ads is on the rise, with 90% of media professionals saying they’ll only be adding to their programmatic-​direct in-​app video budgets in the coming years, specifically short-​form videos.

What makes programmatic so popular?

PubMatic found that around 75% of its respondents purchase programmatic in-​app ads because it offers, “better customer engagement and better targeting abilities.” Programmatic in-​app ads granted their users:

  • Better audience targeting: 56%
  • More effective customer engagement: 54%
  • Improved/​optimized targeting: 47%
  • Better reach and frequency caps: 43%
  • Better cross-​channel marketing: 40%
  • More/​better personalized marketing: 40%

Just who is it your clients should be targeting with their mobile ads? Head to AudienceSCAN on AdMall from SalesFuel to view the profiles of audiences such as Android Tablet Users, iPhone Users, and Mobile Video Watchers. There, you can find demographic and advertising-​influence information related to each audience.

Other advertisers aren’t sleeping on increased mobile ads. Your clients shouldn’t be either!