What Makes You Stick Out When Your Product Doesn't?

BY Rachel Cagle
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As different as you’d like to think your product or service is from your competition, there are rarely cases that product alone makes you the obvious choice to prospects. So, what is it your prospects are looking for? What will make you stand out? Here are a few pieces of advice from SellingPower’s Matt Singer.

Don’t Rely on Low Prices

While you may have been taught that the lowest price is always what a prospect will go for, that’s not always the case; even if the quality of your product matches your competition’s. “There comes a point where the lowest price can’t even compete anymore – because customers begin to question why it’s so low,” Singer says. Instead of relying on low prices, focus on the experience and service your company will give them. Anyone can lower a price, but not all salespeople are offering personalized services and connections. Who would you rather work with: a stranger who is focused on how cheap their product is, or a friend who is offering a slightly more expensive product? 

Assist in Decision-Making

This doesn’t mean telling them what to do or demanding an answer right away. Instead, ask questions about their wants and needs and fulfill these desires. Bring any doubts the prospect may have to the surface and sooth them with answers about how you or your product or service can help with their problems. The best decisions are well-​informed. Take the time to listen to all of the client’s problems and then offer enthusiastic solutions. Why wouldn’t a prospect choose you: someone who takes the time to get to know them before offering a solutions versus the salesperson who just brags about low prices and product quality.

At the end of the day, sales is about selling yourself as much as your product or service. Are you giving personalized reasons for your prospects to choose you, or are you hiding behind your products, hoping they make the sale for you?