How to Win More Sales in 2018

BY Jessica Helinski
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What do both your sales wins and losses have in common? You! Reps are ultimately the key to their own success. Selling the most impressive product or service doesn’t always win the sale. But, an excellent sales experience can. With the new year upon us, RAIN Group Center for Sales Research shares nine ways to crush goals in 2018, including:

Focus on driving value. Think you’re always providing value to prospects and clients? You might want to think again. RAIN reports that only 42% of buyers say their meetings with sellers are valuable. Make it a priority to consciously add value with every communication by creating an action plan.

Provide more. Buyers want more than just ideas and perspectives from sellers. Top salespeople also do the following:

  • Collaborate with buyers
  • Listen
  • Understand buyers’ needs
  • Persuade buyers that they will achieve results

Consider how you are performing in each of the above areas; any improvement will likely boost success.

Help avoid risk. Buyers need to trust you and have confidence in your ability to be a safeguard against future difficulties. Sixty-​one percent of buyers say that sales winners help them avoid post-​sale pitfalls. According to RAIN, “Buyers are naturally skeptical, many have been burned in the past, and with all change comes risk. It’s your job to minimize this risk and overcome the risk hurdles.”

Develop necessary skills. There are certain skills that salespeople must have, and RAIN believes they are the following:

  • Driving and winning sales opportunities
  • Core consultative selling
  • Driving account growth

Top-​performing reps have mastered the above skills, and those who haven’t are being left behind. Make this year your best yet by applying RAIN’s suggestions to your own strategy.