C. Lee Smith

Founded company in 1989. Foremost expert in data-driven talent development, selling with research, executive leadership and a Jeffrey Gitomer Certified Advisor. Lee is a frequent speaker at regional and national sales conferences.

Julie A.W. Mensi

Heads the Business Group for SalesFuel, including training, coaching, deployment and business operations. Former ad agency executive and award-winning nonprofit CEO.

Paul Mascari

Heads the Product Group for SalesFuel. Responsible for information technology, infrastructure, research, data management and app development since 2002.

Kathy Crosett

Leads quantitative research, analysis and editorial content for SalesFuel since 2001. She is also Publisher of the SalesFuel Today blog. Previously Kathy was an analyst in healthcare marketing research. She holds an MBA from University of Vermont.

Dave Blakeslee

Expert in software training, e-learning, instructional design, and documentation for our SaaS products since 2007. Gitomer Certified Advisor and ATD Certified.

Audrey Strong

Heads all external and internal communications, including public relations - which she has directed since 2014. Prior to SalesFuel, she founded her own public relations firm and served years as an award-winning journalist in television news. Audrey earned her degree in broadcast journalism from Ohio University.