14% of Consumers Will Pay More for Low Carbon-​Footprint Transportation

BY Rachel Cagle
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"A new global study by Ipsos, carried out on behalf of the World Economic Forum, on the topic of air travel environmental impact, shows one in seven global consumers (14%) would use a form of transportation with a lower carbon footprint than air travel even if it were less convenient or more expensive."

"Twice as many (29%) would do so if it were as convenient or no more expensive than flying."

"Not surprisingly, consumers under the age of 50 are more likely to share the desire to lessen their carbon footprint more than consumers ages 50 and up. Additionally, lower, middle and higher income demographics are nearly equally motivated to pay more or the same for lower carbon footprint transportation:

  • Lower income: 14% would pay more and 27% would pay the same
  • Middle income: 14% would pay more and 31% would pay the same
  • Higher income: 17% would pay more and 30% would pay the same."

"The global public is divided into three groups of similar sizes when it comes to trusting both the commitment and the ability of airlines to reduce their environmental impact: roughly 1/​3 are fairly or very confident in them, 1/​3 have little or no confidence in them, and 1/​3 sit in the middle."

"Frequent flyers are much more likely than less frequent ones to trust airlines’ commitment and ability to reduce their impact on the environment (about three in five do), but also to consider alternative forms of travel with a lower carbon footprint."

According to AudienceSCAN, nearly 20% of American adults plan to travel across the U.S. within the next year. Within the last month, 68.6% have used a search engine to research a product or service they were considering. While they're making their travel preparations, they can be shown the benefits of choosing a lower carbon footprint method of travel, such as renting green vehicles. They're also highly motivated by deals. About 74% of these consumers agree that they're favorite types of emails to receive from businesses contain coupons or discount codes, and last year, 53.9% took action after receiving an email ad. Also, within the last month, 53% used the internet to look for coupons and discount codes, and within the last year, 50.8% took action after seeing an ad on a daily deals site such as Groupon. 

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