2 Common Client Retention Mistakes You May Be Making

BY Rachel Cagle
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Client retention is critical for sales success. Not only do loyal clients give sales reps a steady stream of income, they’re also a fantastic source for both referrals and sales leads. So, it’s a shame that so many sales reps feel that the important part of their business relationships with clients end as soon as the sale is closed. According to Chris Christoff, writing for Business 2 Community, there are two ways you could be failing at client retention:

  1. Not Utilizing Email
  2. Ignoring Client Feedback

Client Retention Mistakes You May Be Making

Not Utilizing Email

Email is an easy way to keep in contact with your new and existing clients. First of all, nearly everyone checks their inboxes at least once every single day. This means that, whether or not they decide to open your outreach attempts, they’ll see your messages and that you care enough to reach out to them. Client retention is based on a foundation of you showing and proving that you care about your clients.

And when they do open your emails, “You can use this chance to inform them about your new products, discounts, offers, etc.,” says Christoff. Whatever you decide to send to your clients, make sure it’s useful to them. You don’t achieve client retention by only sending emails that say, “Just checking in.” A few pieces of advice from HubSpot’s Aja Frost that we highlighted in a previous SalesFuel blog include:

  • Offer Advice: “Entice the client with the promise of a plan of improvement.”
  • Send Recommendations: “’Did You Hear About This (Event in Your Area or News Update in Your Field)?’ is relevant, intriguing, and engaging enough to warrant a click from your clients. Even if they have already heard about the event, your email is still a good ice breaker.”

Sending your clients emails with useful content on a regular basis is a solid client retention plan you should be utilizing.

Ignoring Client Feedback

One of the worst things you can possibly do is ignore feedback your client has taken the time to send to you. This is especially true if you’re the one who asked the client for their feedback in the first place. When a client feels the need to send feedback to you unprovoked, it’s likely not good news. They’re most likely going to tell you about how they didn’t appreciate something you did or that something has gone wrong and you need to fix it.

If you choose to ignore the feedback your clients send to you, you’re showing them that you don’t care about what they have to say. And when clients don’t feel heard, they won’t be sticking around. “When you listen to your customers you make them feel valued,” says Christoff. “Such feedback offers you better insight into your business and marketing loopholes. So you can use them to improve them for a better customer experience. This will retain your customers.” The next time you receive feedback from your clients, thank them and take action right away.

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