2 Details You Need to Learn Before Making a Sales Call

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The success of a sales call is almost completely determined by the quality of the research you conduct before you even pick up the phone. According to an article on SellingPower by Jim Cathcart and Tony Alessandra, here are a few things you need to look into for every call.

Potential Needs

There is so much information on just about everyone online. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to piece together what needs your prospect may have based on what you find online. Cathcart and Alessandra also say to keep the prospect’s position in mind when determining their needs and values. “The chief executive, for instance, will be interested in the long-term goals of the company or in overall sales and profits,” they say. “Middle managers, however, will base opinions on cost effectiveness. Frontline supervisors will be concerned with installation and operation.”

If you can’t find a noticeable need online, you can still use your research to discover one quickly over the phone. Did you find an article detailing the company’s efforts to branch into a new field? Ask about that to find out their difficulties.

How the Prospect Makes Decisions

You’ll rarely find the exact answer to this online or know it offhand if you’ve never done business with the person you’re calling before. However, there are details you can look for during your research that can give you helpful insight into their decision-making process. Look at the prospects’ posts on sites such as LinkedIn or in other posts they’ve made. What is their personal style? Do they put much emotion into their posts or do they seem to focus on facts and keep their wording concise?

Don’t forget to look into other aspects that will impact your potential sale as well. Is there a new trend in the prospect’s industry that will sway their needs one way or the other or cause them to need solutions more quickly? Has your competition been openly reaching out to this person? If so, you need to be prepared with reasoning that you offer the better deal.

The more time you put into research, the less time you’ll waste making fruitless sales calls.

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