2 Easy Steps to Nurture Your Well-​Being In Sales

BY Jessica Helinski
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Working in an industry with a high burnout rate, it’s important to monitor and care for your well-​being in sales. As SalesFuel reported, 90% of sellers have experienced burnout. 

While your job may not slow down, you can control other things that can cut down on burnout risk. 

When it comes to improving well-​being at work, small things make a big difference if you practice them consistently." Nataly Kogan explained this phenomenon for the Harvest Business Review. "While you may not have the ability to change your organization … there are some simple, science-​backed things you can do." 

Kogan also suggested that professionals can complete small tasks daily to improve their emotional fitness and well-being.

You Can Impact Your Well-​Being In Sales

It’s not always possible to control what is going on in your job. However, you can make changes in your behavior to improve your responses. 

One of the suggestions that Kogan highlights in her article is a simple, easy task. You can complete it anywhere: checking in with yourself. It may be surprising how impactful it can be to simply pause and acknowledge how you are feeling.

In particular, sales is a constant, on-​the-​go profession. It’s no surprise that reps can get wrapped up in their workload and not even notice how they are feeling. But this acknowledgement, according to research, is crucial to maintaining well-​being in sales. 

People who practice emotional awareness are more likely to report greater well-​being,” she writes. “Becoming aware of your difficult feelings reduces the intensity with which you experience them." Kogan adds, "… and gives you an opportunity to do something to support yourself to feel a little better.”

What if you feel it will be a tough habit to start? Add a calendar event or alert on your phone as a reminder. It will soon become a regular part of your day. You’ll find these small check-​ins can have a big impact on your overall well-being. 

Short Breaks Lead to Big Mood Improvements

Another science-​backed tip that Kogan shares is the value of short breaks in work throughout the day. Don’t worry. Taking time here and there, to step back from work can actually improve productivity. 

As she reports, “Microsoft recently conducted a large-​scale study." The findings show that taking five- to 10-​minute breaks between meetings significantly can reduce stress and improve focus.

During these breaks, make sure to fully disconnect. Leave your desk or office to keep distractions away. Consider grabbing a snack, getting some fresh air or simply finding a quiet place to relax. 

Adjust your breaks to your own needs and workload, but make them happen. Again, set reminders if you can't remember or are unable to pull yourself away from work. And plan them for approximately every hour and a half. 

Research suggests that the average person's concentration span is around 90 minutes,” Augustinas Rotomskis shares on LinkedIn. “Taking a short break every 90 minutes can help maintain focus and prevent burnout.”

If you find it difficult to take breaks, look at these tips to learn how to change your mindset.

While these two tips seem very simple, they are incredibly effective and can positively impact your well-​being in sales. 

These small moments of reflection and rest do make a difference, as research shows. So do yourself a favor, and get started to keep sales burnout at bay.

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