2 Make-​or-​Break Aspects of Voice SEO

BY Rachel Cagle
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is no longer limited to normal searches. Advertisers need to be prepared for the rising popularity of voice search. Kristopher Jones, writing for Search Engine Land, reports that, by next year, roughly half of every search conducted will be done via voice. Are your clients prepared?

Featured Snippets

Jones says that if a voice search can be answered with a featured snippet, it will be. MOZ defines featured snippets as, “selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results below the ads box.” To obtain that space in voice search, advertisers need to make sure their content is formatted as a paragraph, table or list that answers specific questions. Think about the questions potential customers will be asking their phones in order to find a business like your client’s and what questions customers may have about what your client is selling. Format those answers into either a paragraph of fewer than 50 words (many being keywords) with short sentences, or a list or table filled with keywords.

The Evolution of Voice Searches

As consumers get more comfortable with making voice searches, their inquiries will be more detailed. Jones gives the example of searching for Italian restaurants. When voice was in its beginning stages, users would stick with keywords such as, “Italian restaurant near me.” Now that they’re more comfortable, they’re going to be performing more detailed searches like they would on search bars, adding adjectives to help them narrow down their results. “Show me the cheapest Italian restaurants in the area,” is an example Jones uses. So, be sure your clients use this kind of long-​form SEO content to handle searches such as this.

Voice-​Activated Assistant Users will exhibit search behavior that is further refined by their consumer demographic and their purchase intent. You can find that data, along with extended marketing information, on their AudienceSCAN profile, available on AdMall by SalesFuel. Voice-​Activated Smart Speaker Users, Smartphone Users, iPhone Users and Android Smartphone Users can also be helpful profiles to check out when preparing your pitch for your client.