2 Questions Your Clients Need Answered Before They Buy

BY Rachel Cagle
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Although there are many sales strategies out there, a good number of them can be traced back to the Universal Buying Cycle. Created by the Floriss Group’s James Rores, the cycle is based on the observation that every potential buyer has to answer four questions before they can make a decision.

Why change?

If your client doesn’t feel they need to change, they won’t bother spending the money to do so. It’s your job to identify what change is needed and why. To do so, Rores says to practice servant leadership, which I discussed in last week’s Are You a Salesperson or a Sales Leader? blog post. “Servant leaders ask questions,” said Rores in a recent presentation to SalesFuel. “They lead and they provoke by asking questions.” What does the client want? What does the client need? Can you help them achieve either one? The answers to those questions will help lead the client to the realization that change is essential. Don’t tell the client what they need, ask.

Why now?

It’s a matter of priority,” said Rores. “How many of us need to go clothes shopping? The issue, often times, is that an event pops up. Why do it now? I don’t want to look like a bum when I go to the wedding.” Once you identify the needs and wants of your client, start asking the tough questions. What are the potential consequences of not changing today? You need to show the client how your product or service can get them to where they want to be. Rores says, “The buyer must value the impact of change enough to make an investment in change.” So, if you can, add more benefits to the existing good your product or service can bring about. Are you having a limited time sales offer? Bring that up!

These are only half of Rores’ four ‘why’ questions. To learn the other two questions you should address during every sales pitch, check out the article, “Do You Sell the Way People Buy?