2 Quick SEO Maintenance Tips

BY Rachel Cagle
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Search engine optimization is one of the most subtle yet critical forms of advertising to potential customers there is. If a consumer is searching for a product or service that’s even remotely similar to the ones your clients are offering, the strength of your clients’ SEO efforts is what determines if and where their sites will end up in the search results. The internet is a constantly changing space though, and SEO needs a certain amount of upkeep to maintain its relevancy. Here are a few housekeeping tips from Jeremy Kanuff’s article, “5 easy but smart SEO wins to boost content and link-​building efforts,” to make sure your clients’ SEO strateges/​efforts remain effective.

  1. Check Your Links

As mentioned earlier, the internet is constantly changing. Businesses can decide to ditch their old website in favor of making a new one and sell the URL to a completely unrelated business, they could delete bits and pieces of their site or they could just get rid of the whole thing. Your clients need to keep on top of these changes. The last thing anyone wants is to have a customer click on a link that you put on your website and have it lead to an error message or worse, a harmful website. Control who your clients are associated with by periodically double checking that the links on their websites still lead to where they want the links to go.

  1. Utilize Meta Descriptions

Did you know that Google recently doubled the amount of characters it allows in search results snippets? This is great news for businesses making the most of SEO because it gives them more opportunities to use optimal keywords to be picked up by search engines. Not only that, meta descriptions serve the same function as the inside cover of a book: reeling in readers by giving a sneak peek of what’s inside. More characters mean more opportunity to write an engaging description of your client’s site that will encourage internet surfers to click on the client’s link. So, make the most of the characters you’re allowed and improve both your client’s SEO and click-​through rates.

Encourage your clients to begin routine SEO maintenance with these two easy steps. You can also help them learn the status of their SEO alignment by running a Digital Audit for your accounts using AdMall PRO.