2 Reasons Your Prospects May Not Trust You

BY Rachel Cagle
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James Rores, founder and CEO of Floriss Group, says that 97% of salespeople are not viewed as trustworthy by prospective clients. Instead, they’re seen as self-​centered, pushy, and manipulative. Why does this happen? Obviously 97% of salespeople wouldn’t be described this way by their loved ones, friends, and coworkers, so why do prospects see them this way? Rores offers three insights to answer this pressing question:

Number One: Pressure to Make a Sale at Any Cost

When salespeople have a deadline closing in, especially around a major sale, the pressure is on. They know they’re expected to land this sale and, the more time-​pressed they feel, the less they’ll care about what it will take to guarantee their success. They’ll make promises that will be difficult to keep later. They’ll also withhold and warp information to make their product or service seem like the best fit for the prospect when, in all honesty, it may not fit as perfectly as they’re making it out to be. 

Number Two: Rushing

If a salesperson feels pressured to quickly sell a new product or service, they may not take the time to fully educate themselves on how specific features will meet a prospect’s needs. They’ll pitch their offering using generalities. Instead of saving time, they may find themselves in extensive price negotiations because they are unable to fully communicate the full value of their product or service.

Salespeople need to take the time to go into a sale fully prepared, both to promote their product to the best of their abilities and to be 100% honest with the prospect. If salespeople allow themselves to compromise on their quality of their pitches, it’s no wonder that prospects tend to think salespeople are crooked until proven otherwise.

What’s the third insight? You’ll need to read Rores’ article to find out.