2 Search Tricks to Gain Visibility

BY Rachel Cagle
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Last year, roughly 33% of consumers who made online purchases began the process by performing an online search, according to a recent Search Engine Land article by Danielle Savin. If a consumer knows what they want, but doesn’t know where to get it from, they’re going to perform a search to find the answer. When they want to learn more about a product they’re considering for purchase, they perform a search. If they have a problem they need to solve, but don’t know how to solve it… you get the picture. So, how can your clients’ webpages be the ones showing up during these searches?

First of all, most websites are posting content that highlights the product or services they offer and use keywords to name those products. Fewer are taking advantage of making pages that describe how best to use their products, therefore increasing keyword potential. “For example,” says Savin, “instead of creating more content about the shoes you sell, create content about how to choose shoes for different events, how to care for leather shoes and so on. Deciding what topics to focus on requires keyword and competitor research.”

Think about the questions your clients’ potential customers may have when they perform a search, like the ones Savin listed, and create pages to answer those questions. Searchers will have more confidence in clicking on a page they see that directly answers their question than one a business’s website that may or may not provide answers since they sell related items. Your client will also show up in more search results since their new content has also granted them new keyword opportunities.

The more places linked to your clients’ sites show up, the more likely they’ll be clicked on. That’s especially true if you’re placing them on popular existing sites that your clients’ target audiences are frequenting. So, reaching out with link requests can help your clients’ visibility.

Finding the right influencers requires research, too,” says Savin. “You need to know your product and your audience.” For up-​to-​date insight on which types of consumers are planning certain purchases, head to AudienceSCAN on AdMall from SalesFuel. There, you’ll find customers of specific companies and lifestyles, as well as audiences based on interests, age, etc. These reports hold information on purchase intent as well as what type of advertising works best on each consumer group.

SEO is only gaining popularity, so it’s time to pull out all the stops and get creative when it comes to getting your clients online visibility!