2 Tips to Inspire Client Loyalty

BY Rachel Cagle
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What was the customer service like from one of the brands you love the last time you reached out? Service is a big part of what inspired your client loyalty, isn’t it? It’s the route most businesses take to ensure income. After all, “loyal customers are 5X more likely to repurchase, 4X as likely to refer and 7X as likely to try a new offering,” says Carley Childress, writing for CustomerThink. What can you provide for your clients to keep them coming back?


Whether it’s when the client first reaches out with a problem or the process of getting that problem solved, clients expect results quickly. Now, that doesn’t mean sacrificing quality for speed. But don’t let your clients fall on the back burner. To inspire client loyalty, respond immediately when they reach out to let them know you’re sorry and exactly how you plan to fix things/​help them, keep them updated in your process if it’s going to be a lengthier fix and let them know as soon as you’ve resolved the situation. They’ll appreciate the value you placed on their situation and know they can trust you to get things done going forward.

Ease of Feedback

Give your clients a voice by making it easy for them to provide feedback. Your clients need have the ability to feel heard at all times, good or bad, and that’s where feedback comes in. The most important thing: Act on the feedback you receive. Sure, being able to type out feedback is satisfying in a small way, but the client won’t truly feel heard or happy until they know you’re listening to them and being proactive about the information you received.

Along with speediness and ease of feedback, understanding and emotion are also two critical aspects of client loyalty.