2 Ways You've Been Prolonging Your Burnout

BY Rachel Cagle
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Burnout happens to the best of us, but for salespeople depending on commission, not being able to shake a mental slump can have detrimental consequences to their pay. Little do most salespeople know, their methods to try to overcome burnout are exactly what helps it overstay its welcome. To avoid burnout, check out these recommendations offered by Steve Diehlman, writing for Ragan.

Lock Yourself in Your Office and Power Through

Yes, the occasional hour or two of overtime is necessary. However, if that becomes your norm, you’ll only exhaust yourself, both physically and mentally. You need to go home and recharge each night by taking some time to relax and get a full night’s rest. Grogginess and a negative mental state will only hurt your work ethic and output. If you’ve had an unproductive day, don’t prolong it; just go home and recharge.

There’s a part two to this point. No matter how much you decorate your office or cube, the same old surroundings are going to get boring and, some days, that can limit productivity. On days when that happens, change it up. Work from home or take your laptop outside or to a different room in your building for a few hours. If those aren’t options, take your lunch break outside. Walk around for a bit or drive around and grab some food. A change of scenery may just be the refresher you need to get back on track.

Keep Work and Your Life Separate

At the end of an unproductive day, you may feel compelled to check your work email or phone for updates or to work just a little bit more on a project you want to finish. Stop it. Your time at home should be your own. If you’re blurring the lines between work and personal time, no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s the same with social media at work. A little break here and there can be the refresher you need, but the longer you spend on your phone, the more behind you’ll get on work and the less motivated you’ll be to pick it back up. Draw the line between work and personal time and stay on the appropriate side.