2023's Scariest Challenges: Prepare Now to Hit Your Goals Next Year

BY Jessica Helinski
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Each new year presents a fresh chance to hit your goals. But along with new opportunities come new and evolving challenges that can get in your way. By preparing now for what's ahead next year, you ensure you’re ready to face those challenges when the time comes. 

To help sellers, Hubspot reached out to industry professionals to get their take on what lies ahead in the upcoming year. Their insights about potential pitfalls, and advice for handling them, can help you be proactive and prepared. 

Want to hit goal? Be ready for these challenges

One of the biggest challenges sellers face in the new year is the continued demand to sell virtually. “The trend away from in-​person interactions that caught steam in the pandemic is bound to be a game-​changer,” writes Jay Fuchs. “Salespeople are going to need to adapt their strategies and learn how to establish credibility with a virtual barrier between them and their prospects.”

The ease and convenience of self-​service and buying online, partially due to tech advances, fuel this trend. Sellers must be able to not only keep up–but go beyond. The key to successfully embracing virtual selling involves leveraging technology while still maintaining a personal connection. Thankfully, there are many ways that sellers can provide a personalized touch during the virtual sales process. From demonstrating empathy to simply using video during online meetings and calls, small acts can make a big difference. In regard to effective digital sales tools, check out SalesFuel’s advice on how to make them work for you and prospects.

Reaching the decision-makers

Sellers have always faced the challenge of getting an audience with, decision-​makers. In 2023, expect this to be even more difficult. As mentioned, buyers now expect at least some aspects of sales to be virtual. This makes it even tougher for sellers to get past gatekeepers. How can sellers connect with leaders in a growing virtual sales landscape? Value. Demonstrating value each step of the way can open doors and lead sellers directly to those making the buying decisions. 

Getting a time commitment to meet means there needs to be perceived value very early in the process,” explains Jayme Manos, Hubspot sales manager. “Reps will need to ensure they've not just researched an account, but that they come with a strong 'point of view' and a very clear call to action, regardless of medium." 

To hit your goal in the year ahead, make sure to demonstrate clear, personalized value throughout the entire process. Not sure how to do that? Check out our advice. And not sure how to craft a “clear call to action” as Manos recommends? We have advice for that, too

Selling to groups

As we’ve reported, the buyer is changing. No longer just an individual, buying groups are becoming more common. According to SalesFuel, “There has been a major shift in how companies do business, including how they make a purchase. Buying groups have grown; in some cases, the number of people involved in a purchase decision has doubled.” Next year, if you want to hit goal, you’ll have to sell to a much larger group. This likely means dealing with people who have competing interests.

Sellers can face this challenge by adapting now and preparing for when they do face multiple decision-​makers. “You need to be prepared to connect with all of the types of contacts listed in the previous paragraph — a process that's much easier said than done,” Fuchs explains. “Along with that, understand the common denominator that connects them — the business they work for…Have a feel for its pain points, and be able to speak to all of those elements when talking with anyone you connect with from it.”

Overcome tomorrow's challenges by preparing today

By using the remainder of this year to understand more about next year’s hurdles, you increase your chances of hitting your sales goals. Don’t let future challenges scare you. Instead, prepare your processes and your mindset to persist and succeed. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio