24% of Gen Xers Buy Products Advertised on This Medium

BY Rachel Cagle
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Generation X can be a slightly confounding consumer age group for advertisers. They show preferences for traditional media like the generations before them. But they’re also young enough to be technologically savvy like millennials and members of Generation Z. They cover most of the advertising bases. So, what are the best advertising methods to reach them? According to MarketingChart’s U.S. Purchase Influencers Report 2018, TV is a great place to start.

More than half (61%) of members of Generation X say that, on a daily basis, they see numerous TV commercials. These ads also leave a lasting impression with this generation. According to the MarketingCharts study, 35% of this age group commit TV commercials from certain advertisers to memory and can recall them in the future. 

Those lasting impressions are getting results. According to MarketingCharts, within just the last six months, 24% of this age group reported having been motivated to make a purchase based on a TV commercial they saw. 

While TV ads have had the greatest influence on product purchases among members of Generation X in the last six months, it never hurts to consider multi-​media campaigns. Other advertising media types that have driven this age group to make purchases within the past six months include:

  • Email (17.6% influenced to make purchases)
  • Direct Mail (catalogs, advertising cards, flyers): 11.1%
  • Social Media: 10%
  • Search Engine: 9.9%
  • Online Video: 8.3%

Information about the purchasing intentions of members of Generation X, along with the other forms of advertising that have driven these consumers to take action in the last year, can be found on AudienceSCAN at AdMall from SalesFuel.

There you have it: Generation X notices and is driven to action by TV commercials. So, what are you waiting for? Share this information with your Gen X targeting clients and get working on their next campaign ASAP!