3 Experiences Your Clients Must Have Before They Recommend You

BY Rachel Cagle
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According to Joseph Michelli in a recent CustomerThink article, there are three common types of memorable moments: recent, peak and pain moments. When your clients are sharing experiences with others, they’re probably describing events that happened in one of these three categories. If you want to be recommended to others by your current clients, hopefully you have made memories with existing clients in at least one of the main three categories.


For example, if your service is as good as you claim it is, your clients have definitely heard from you recently. Your outreach should be regular and relevant to them, ever vigilant and service-​oriented. And your outreach shouldn’t be the boring old, “Just checking in.” It should be spiced up with content that’s relevant to the client, such as news articles related to their field of work. Worried that your clients might not have a recent memory of you to share with potential prospects? Make one.


Additionally, pain moments are often inevitable. However, even though these memories never start out in your favor, you need to make sure that they have an ending worthy of a sparkling recommendation. When your clients come to you with problems, how quickly do you respond? Do you apologize and offer a reasonable time frame in which you’ll get the problem solved? Did you communicate with them when necessary throughout the course of the fixing and apologize? Did you show empathy throughout the course of the debacle? If you answered no to any of these questions, your client’s memory of that pain moment is probably negative. Clients and prospects like to know that you’ve got their back when things go wrong. Accomplish this, and you’ll have a loyal client who may just send additional business your way.