3 Easy Ways to Inspire Client Loyalty

BY Rachel Cagle
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What’s the easiest method to earning continuous money? Customer loyalty. Everyone has a lot of advice to give on the subject. But how often have you tested out those methods to no avail? Luckily, CustomerThink writer Nico Dato’s five pieces of loyalty-​earning advice are backed by research from Podium. Here are a few of them:

Make Your Experience Convenient

Businesses are continuously doing everything they can to revolve around convenience. You don’t even need to leave your house anymore to shop for clothes or groceries. That is the standard your customer service needs to live up to in order to build loyalty. When your clients want to talk to you, they need to be able to do so immediately. According to Podium, 67% of consumers’ loyalty is swayed by how convenient it is for them to be a repeat customer. So, be available, and in a variety of formats (email, phone, text, social media, etc.). That way, your clients can choose the outreach format that’s most convenient for them.

Personalize the Experience

According to Podium, 47% of consumers said that even aspects of service as simple as knowing your client's name creates loyalty. That’s a simple enough task. Put all of your clients’ numbers in your phone so that when they call, you can greet them by name immediately. Also, keep a little notebook or Word document with personal details about them that come up in conversation. The next time your client reaches out to you, you can ask them how the vacation you talked about last time went or inquire into how their child or pet is doing. These touchpoints and effort on your part show you care about clients as people. Who wouldn’t want to do business with someone like that?

Approach the Client with Opportunities

Customer service isn’t just about sitting back and waiting for the client to come to you. Good service also means that you alert clients to deals that can benefit them. Podium research shows that 28% of consumers like receiving special offers from businesses. So, if a new product or service comes out that you think a client could use, go to them directly with it. Not with a sale, just a notification. “I was made aware of this new [product, service or deal] and thought of your company.” Now your client may take charge of the buying process. Clients are much more likely to do business with salespeople who aren’t pushy.

These are just a few pieces of Dato’s advice. You can read the rest of his article here. Now, get out there and inspire some loyalty!