3 Steps to Getting Your Emails Opened

BY Rachel Cagle
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Not all salespeople are great writers. But with email correspondence being as necessary as it is today, you can’t afford to send sub-​par emails to your clients and potential clients. According to SellingPower’s Alexander Slichnyl, here are the components you need to make successful emails.

Interest-​Piquing Subject Lines

The subject line is the first part of your email your recipient will see, and potentially the last, as well. Boring headers like, “Just Checking In,” are showing your clients that there is no benefit to reading your email and they’ll most likely send it straight to the trash, unopened. “The best email subject lines are creative, compelling, and catchy, without giving away too much information,” Slinchnyl says. “Think from the perspective of your prospect: What does he or she care most about in terms of professional or business success? Try using an immediate call to action or an eyebrow-​raising statement or fact.” With so many emails cramming everyone’s inbox every day, you have to get creative to be noticed.

Utilize Multimedia

Humans are a very visually-​driven species and can also be pretty lazy when it comes to reading, especially business emails. So, instead of a wall of words, greet your recipient with visual content, such as photos and videos related to your product or service you’re pitching. Give them a break from reading email after email in their inboxes. Why read about your product or service when they can watch a short video on it instead?

Mobile Friendliness

You may not always have your laptop on you, even at work, but you rarely go anywhere without your phone, right? Your clients and prospects are likely the same way. So, there’s a high chance they’ll be checking their emails via mobile. Make sure your emails are compatible with mobile viewings so that your recipients won’t delete them simply because they’re difficult to read.