3 Reasons Your Clients May be Leaving

BY Rachel Cagle
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If you’ve promised your clients that customer service is your number one priority and yet are still losing them, there are a number of things that may have gone wrong. Here are a few common mistakes CustomerThink says salespeople make fairly regularly.

You Didn’t Follow Up

Yes, it’s great that you’re available to your clients whenever they may need you. But what if they don’t feel comfortable reaching out after never hearing from you? Following up with clients is standard procedure. It’s especially helpful in developing good business relationships with new clients. It’s how they get to know you and grow comfortable with you. If you never ask them how they’re doing or if they need anything, why would they think you’d care anymore when they make the effort to reach out to you?

Ignoring Phone Calls

I’m really busy right now. I’ll get to this call later.” And then days, or maybe even weeks, pass between when your client called you and when you respond to them. Your life is busy and you have a lot of other clients, so it’s understandable that it may take you a while to find the time to handle service calls. However, if you promised your client to always be available for them and instead miss the majority of their calls and then take a long time to get back to them, you’re not only breaking your promise, you’re making them feel unimportant.

Overlooking Social Media

What? Why would my clients reach out to me on social media when they have my email and phone number? Maybe it’s because they know that social media allows them to be heard no matter what. Even if you don’t respond to them, their posts on your company’s social media profiles are available to the entire internet. This is your opportunity to either establish a good, public name for yourself or publicly crash and burn by openly not paying attention to your clients. Social media is now a viable form of communication, even for businesses. Make sure you’re checking and using it.