3 SEO Aids Your Clients Need to Know About

BY Rachel Cagle
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There are a lot of SEO tips to remember out there, but which ones are effective? According to a Search Engine World article by Manish Dudharejia, the tactics you should be using don’t always line up with what Google recommends.

Make Your Content Longer

The purpose of the content on your client’s web pages is to educate repeat and potential customers. You shouldn’t sacrifice information in order to keep the content short. Dudharejia says that, “Google will not necessarily rank your content based on word count alone. Short form content has the same ranking potential as long form.” As long as your client’s content is necessary and doesn’t repeat itself, include as much as is necessary. This will also give your client more keywords to be found during searches.

Domain Names

You may have heard that your client’s best chance of getting discovered is connected to adding keywords into their domain name. Adding keywords into a domain isn’t a bad thing in searches, but it’s not always necessary. Dudharejia uses the example of someone searching for “muffler replacement.” None of the top results Google ranked have that term in their domain name. For services such as muffler replacements, “Google has determined that searchers are often looking for resources like directories, guides and DIY instructions. Therefore, using these keywords in a domain wouldn’t do much good,” says Dudharejia. Use a domain name that is most relevant to your client’s business, not one that you think will exactly match search terms.

Image Alt Text is Still Necessary 

Some people think that since Google’s technology now recognizes and understands images, they no longer need to add alt text phrases to support their images. Everything in this world is fallible. Google itself is continuously improving. So, including image alt text is a fail-​safe way to make sure your clients’ images are primed for search optimization.

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