3 Techniques to Increase Email Response Rates

BY Rachel Cagle
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Do you wish you could get more responses to your initial outreach emails to potential clients? According to HubSpot writer Aja Frost, the solution can be as simple as improving your introduction. Here are a few of the tips she gives to create an email that will stand out among your recipients’ daily slew of mail.

Intriguing Subject Line

It all starts here. Your potential clients are going to send an email from a stranger with a bland subject line straight into their deleted folder. Show them that they’ll have something to gain from taking the time to read what you’ve sent. Frost recommends lines such as, “40% Growth in 3 Months ‑Wow.” Or, if you’re in the habit of taking prospects out during your sales calls, you could use, “Can I Buy You Lunch?”

Focus on Them

Okay. You’ve gotten them to open the email. Now, keep the focus of your first line on them and what they can gain from responding to you. “Just saw your post about this subject on LinkedIn,” or, “Have you ever thought about taking this approach to your business?” are among the introductory lines Frost recommends. Do not divert the attention you have gained by talking about yourself in your first line. Sales is about how you can help your clients, remember? Talk about the prospect and their needs first. There’s time for how you fit in later.


Once you’ve used the body of your email to briefly expand on your introduction, don’t close in a way that makes it the prospect’s job to organize a meeting. The more emails you have between now and when you meet with them, the more time they have to lose the interest you’ve worked so hard to gain. So, set up a time to establish a business relationship. “Do you have time next week to further discuss how [insert product or service] can help your company achieve your goals?”

For more detail on how to construct the body and closing of your email, check out the rest of Frost’s post on HubSpot.