3 Tips to Make the Most of Email

BY Rachel Cagle
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You and your clients may view email as an old reliable advertising medium, but do you realize how much it’s really doing for your clients and how much room it still has to grow? According to a study by MarketingSherpa, the way 72% of consumers would choose to be contacted by a business is through email. Here’s how you can make that preferred method of contact even more enjoyable for your client’s customers, with the help of Amber Humphrey and her article, “2018 email marketing trend report.”

Segmenting email recipients into groups is an ideal way to optimize your client’s personalization goals. Personalization through traditional methods, such as using the reader’s name in the greeting, has long since lost its sense of wonder and appreciation. Who cares if something directed to you shows that the company sending it knows who you are if it doesn’t have content that interests you? With increased audience technology, advertisers can make their emails more relevant and personalized by just dividing recipients into groups based on qualities such as age and address. Does your client have an event going on soon? Send an email to the group of people with the same zip code as the event. Do they have a new product they read was trending among millennials? You get the picture.

Interactive components in emails are better at engaging consumers than your run of the mill plain text emails. Passive emails are typically what people expect when they open their mail. When you open an email and there’s an eye catching GIF followed by an easily accessible quiz, it’s going to catch your eye and have a better chance of holding your attention. A quiz is an ideal form of interaction because, not only is it a call to action for a consumer, it’s also an invaluable source of feedback for your clients.

Consumers may not always open a random email from a company, but they will almost always open transactional emails. So, why aren’t your clients taking advantage of the potential for that email to be more than just an order confirmation? While your clients have their customer’s attention, encourage them to throw in a promotional offer or an ad that highlights a product relevant to the one that was just purchased. The consumer will be looking at the email: they’re already in the buying mindset, so why aren’t your clients marketing to them when they’re in this state of mind?!

Nearly 3/​4 of consumers want to hear from your clients via email. Are you helping them do their part to make their emails something customers want to open and respond to?