3 Tips to Earning More Survey Responses

BY Rachel Cagle
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Surveys can be troublesome. It takes so much time and energy to create and edit them to perfection and get them sent out that it’s depressing when you're not earning more survey responses. Even worse, you won’t be as well informed about your clients’ needs and wants if you don’t get responses. Piyush Gupta, writing for CustomerThink, offers some advice to keep that from happening.

Use An Enticing Subject Line

First things first: You have to get your email opened. Gupta recommends adding personalization when you can. Then, add in a benefit for the recipient. Some of Gupta’s examples include, “John, Tell Us How You Feel,” and, “Have 30 Seconds, John? Help Us Better Serve You!” Let them know that the contents of the email will directly benefit them, and the reader will be more likely to open the message.

Utilize Clarity and Benefits

You’ve gotten the recipient to open the email, now you need to drive home how taking the survey will benefit them. Greet the reader by name and immediately let them know why you’ve reached out. Provide clarity, says Gupta. “Is this related to the last transaction or is it pertaining to the relationship over a period of time?” Be specific about how the survey you’re asking them to take will benefit them and provide the recipient with an estimate of how much time the survey will take them to complete. This will be a convincing call to action.

Earning More Survey Responses: Be Concise

No matter how much a survey is going to benefit your clients, no one wants to use a sizable chunk of their time to take a survey. So, keep it short. Add only the questions you deem most important to the future of your business relationship with your clients, including the most important question that every business wants to know. And make the wording of those questions concise and easy to understand. If a survey will benefit them and not take much time, why wouldn’t they take it?